Hope Tech 3 E4 Duo Brake System - Right Hander 2020

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The Hope Tech 3 Duo Master cylinder is aimed to people wanting to operate individually 2 calipers from one single hand. The master cylinder is combined with E4 calipers and will suit any riding for XC to Enduro/All mountain. The design is derived from the proven Tech 3 master cylinder and with the finger reach and bite point adjustments on each lever, you can be sure the levers will feel comfortable and suit your riding style. The Tech 3 Duo Master differs from our Uno system as there is a total independency between the front and rear calipers.

Master Cylinder Features

  • Right hander master cylinder
  • Material : CNC machined aluminium 2014 T6
  • 2 independent circuits for safe operation
  • 2 levers for independent caliper actuation
  • Reach and Bite Point Contact adjustments on each leaver
  • Removable clamp
  • External reach and bite point adjustment dials
  • Direct mount adapters available for SRAM shifters (option)
  • Colour : Black, Orange, Blue, Red, Purple and Silver

Calipers features

  • Material : CNC machined aluminium 2014 T6
  • One piece caliper
  • Pistons : 4 (16 mm) for better power
  • Increased pad surface area for better heat management and pad life
  • Wide angle hose connector mount
  • Hose : Standard
  • Hose length : 100 cm front and 170 cm rear
  • Colour : Black, Orange, Blue, Red, Purple and Silver

Kit includes

  • 1 Tech 3 Duo E4 disc brake system (Master Cylinder + 2 E4 Calipers + hoses) ready to use
  • Caliper Bolts

Technical details

Part number12504
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