Absolute Black Spidering Road Oval Chainring Set for Cannondale 2020

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Absolute Black Premium 2X Cannondale Hollowgram compatible direct mount Oval chainrings are designed for Hollowgram crank family like SI, SISL, SISL2. Incredibly stiff and light, they also offer a super fast shifting thanks to AB patented shifting ramp design. Sold as set only, this chainring system use proprietary bcd mounting system, therefore it is sold as sets of 50/34 or 52/36T combination only. 


  • Material & Finish : cnc machined 7075 Txxx Aluminum. Long-lasting construction. Type II anodizing
  • Compatibility : Cannondale Hollowgram Si, SiSL, SiSL2
  • Ovality : Optimized to each size separately.  50/52 - 10-11.2%
  • Timing of 108 -109.5° after TDC (top dead center)
  • Ideal for climbing. Patent Pending
  • Chainline : Same as original spidering
  • Colour : Black

Weight :

  • 50/34 T : 184 gr
  • 52/36 T : 188 gr

Advantages of Absolute Black Oval chainrings:

  • One of a kind special oval shape that helps you climb easier and faster (Patent Pending)
  • Over 15% stiffer than Rotor Qrings due to thicker, 5mm construction
  • Bespoke AbsoluteBlack 6 point ramp and recess shifting design shifts better than any other brand and model of oval chainring
  • You will not "feel" the oval shape while pedaling
  • Your pedaling action will feel smoother
  • Helps reduce stress on knees and helping your legs remain fresher for longer
  • You will be able to maintain better cadence while climbing
  • Reduces possibility of leg cramps
  • You will reduce chainring/cog shifts by at least 15%

Installation steps

  • First, you need to remove your crank from your bike.
  • Then remove the lockring with "Cannondale Hollowgram Spider Removal Tool KT012" or similar
  • Generously grease the waved interface of the crank arm
  • Place the new spider chairing same was as original one
  • Apply small amount of medium strength Loctite on the lockring threads
  • Tighten with torque of about 47-54 Nm.
  • Mount your crank back to the bike. You may also need to adjust the front derailleur upwards by 2-3mm.

Why Absolute Black oval chainrings work

Absolute Black premium Oval chainrings work because riders do not produce power evenly through a pedal stroke –the musculature of human legs makes it difficult to maintain an even power delivery to a round chainring. Believe it (or not), but a round chainring doesn't transfer torque to your rear wheel as smoothly as an Oval one. Oval rings work with the natural human physiology. Oval chainrings maximize the part of the stroke where power is produced and minimize resistance where it isn't. As a direct consequence, Oval rings enhance a cyclist’s ability to spin with a smoother power delivery and feel easier on legs while climbing. You will actually feel your pedal stroke to be more "round" with an Oval chainring than with a round chainring

Why Absolute Black oval chainrings matters

Absolute Black oval road chainrings deliver power more smoothly to your rear wheel. This means you are better able to generate and maintain, constant cadence. Because oval chainrings reduce the peak loads on knee joints, riders using them get less stress on the joints (knees) and therefore are able to keep certain level of effort for longer. This results in higher average speed. You don’t need to take our word at Absolute Black; 11 scientific studies by leading universities around the globe show that; in comparison to round chainrings, when using oval chainrings, human legs utilize more muscle groups - but each of them to lesser degree. The overall Load from pedalling an oval chainring is spread over greater muscle mass. This has three key benefits; firstly, it gives you the feeling of fresher and more relaxed legs. Secondly; it allows you to achieve higher average speed riding uphill. Thirdly; spreading the pedalling load over more muscles reduces the risk of cramp, even when riding hard. The compound effect of switching to oval chainrings; the relaxed legs, added climbing ability and reduction of cramp means your overall enjoyment of the ride is enhanced.

Front derailleur adjust

Technical details

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