Absolute Black Oval Narrow Wide Direct Mount chainring for Race Face Gold 2018

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Now available in gold, this Absolute Black Oval Chainring fit all Race Face Cinch crankets. They are compatible with 9, 10, 11 and 12 speed systems

Direct mount Oval Race Face chainrings are designed for Race Face Cinch cranks. Oval chainrings work because a rider does not produce power evenly through a pedal stroke; they maximize the part of the stroke where power is produced and minimize resistance where it isn't. Oval rings make the spin cycle a lot smoother and are easier on legs while climbing. Believe it (or not), but a round chainring doesn't transfer torque to your rear wheel as smoothly as an Oval one. You will actually feel your stroke to be more "round" with an Oval shape than with a round chainring.

Why it matters? Traction, Traction and Traction. With oval rings, rear tire traction improves greatly on loose and slippery terrain. Your legs will be less tired and your speed improved. Climbing will become easier then ever before. It is world's best oval chainring.

  • 30T Oval chainring has an ovality of 28/32T and is best for someone who uses currently 29 or 30T round ring.
  • 32T oval ring will suit best someone who uses 31 or 32T chainring currently. While pedaling, you will feel similar effort to the one riding round 31T ring, but you will gain the speed similar to riding 34T chainring.
  • 34T Oval chainring has an ovality of 32/36T and is best for someone who uses currently 33 or 34T round ring.

It is ideal for 1x 9/10/11/12 and Singlespeeds. Oval (elliptical) chainring does not compromise the work of clutch mechanism in rear derailleur (video here). It also does not require chain tensioner when using in singlespeed application. Riding out of saddle on the uphill will become more pleasant.

The most advanced, Patent Pending narrow/wide tooth profile ever produced, guarantee minimum 12 months of excellent chain retention capabilities! We mean it. Always use a new chain with a new chainring. 

Features : 

  • Color : Gold
  • Compatibility : Race Face Cinch (Turbine, Next and SIXC)
  • Material : cnc machined 7075 Txxx Aluminum. Long-lasting construction
  • Finish : type II anodizing
  • Mounting : Direct Mount
  • Chainline : 49 mm
  • Chain options : 10, 11 and 12 spd chain for geared bike or 6-8 spd for SS. If used in 1x9 drivetrain - 10spd chain must be used to obtain the performance. (yes - 10spd chain will work great on 9spd cassette)
  • Chainguide needed : No. (but for very aggressive enduro riding it is recommended to use an upper chain guide or at minimum bashguard.)
  • Oval chainring does not affect the work of rear dérailleur cage at all (video here). Such a ring can be used therefore in 1x9/10/11/12 combination as well as Singlespeed and fixie bikes
  • Chain Length : Bypassing the rear derailleur, run the chain around front chainring/largest cog combination. (For the full suspension frame, position the rear suspension for the greatest chain length required. It's usually a normal position where rear shock if fully extended) Add 2 to 4 segments of the chain to this length for proper chain length.
  • Designed in UK. Manufactured in Poland (EU)

If you wish to check for frame clearance with new oval ring, below you can find measurement of biggest dimension of the oval (tip to tip of tooth): 26T : 118 mm, 28T : 127 mm, 30T : 134 mm ; 32T: 143mm ;  34T: 151mm

Proud to inform you that Silver World Champion Marek Konwa is using and testing our elliptical chainrings. Used also by World Champion Maja Wloszczowska!

Weight : 30T (58g), 32T (62g), 34T(69g)

Technical details

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