Bell Super DH MIPS helmet Red / White / Black 2018

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2018 Bell Super DH MIPS helmet red, white and black is uncompromisinng. It introduce an new evolution of MIPS system, named MIPS Spherical, that reduce rotational forces and redirect impacts forced no matter what angle. It's the end of the yellow layer, now you have a dual shell system with elastomer connections which works like a ball joint and increase impact protection. At this you add a beefy removable chin bar (enough to satisfy ASTM 1952 certification), a huge eyeglass and goggles eye-port, a great Overblow Ventilation system and an unparalleled comfort for this Bell helmet type and you obtain a great versatile helmet.


  • Shell material : Polycarbonate Fusion In-Mold
  • Removable chin bar with 3 step connexion process
  • Ventilation numbers :
      - 19 on the helmet
      - 2 brow ports
      - 4 on chin bar
  • Technologies :
      - MIPS Spherical : Work with a dual shell system with elastomer connections to be more efficient
      - Overbrow Ventilation : Actively ushers cool air over the head and regulates temperature by drawing cool air into the intake ports
      - X-Static and XT-2 Padding : Quick-drying pad materials, woven with real silver fibers, inhibit growth of odor-causing bacteria and fungi
      - Float Fit DH : Lightweight fit system with an easy-to-turn rubber overmolded dial for adjustments
      - Goggleguide Adjustable Visor System : Adaptable visor system accommodates both goggles and glasses
      - Integrated Breakaway Camera Mount : Seamless camera mount, requiring no zip ties or tape, is engineered to “break away” upon impact to reduce the risk of injury
      - Fidlock : Magnetic secured fixing system. Easier to use with gloves.
  • Bell sizes :
      - S (52-56 cm)
      - M (55-59 cm)
      - L (58-62 cm)
  • Colour : Red, white and black
  • Delivered with :
      - 1 travel cover
      - 2 remplacement pads
      - 1 removable camera mount system

Checked weight : 866 g

Technical details

Part number10373
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