Time XPro 12 Pedals 2022

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The Time XPRO 12 is a pedal designed for champions. The all new carbon body and new design creates a more powerful structure to transfer power from the cyclist to the road. Power transfer and stability are also improved with a larger pedal surface area of 725mm2 compared with the already large surface area of the Xpresso at 700mm2. The lower plate acts a fairing to improve aerodynamics and also offers protection for the carbon blade. The Iclic system has been redesigned to allow for a more positive cleat engagement and to be more comfortable. The Xpro 12 shares the titanium axle of the Xpresso 12 keeping the overall weight of each pedal at 94 grams. The carbon blade is adjustable in 3 positions to customize engagement tension. Like the Xpresso, the stack height is low, keeping the cyclist's sole as close to the center of the pedal axle as possible. This, along with the large pedal surface area results in incomparable pedaling efficiency and comfort. We recommend a maximum weight of 90kg


  • Wide carbon platform of 725 mm2 with aluminium plate
  • Carbon Platform
  • Titanium axle
  • ICLIC concept : pre open clipless pedal system allows more intuitive engagement
  • Spring : Carbon flexion blade
  • Angular float : +/- 5°
  • Lateral float : 2.5 mm
  • Desengagement angle : 15°
  • Low stack height : only 13.5 mm between the pedal axle and the outsole
  • 3 tension level
  • Cleats and bolts included
  • Max rider weight : 90 kg

Weight : 188 gr

Technical details

Part numberT2GR002
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