Bosch Kiox display kit 2020

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Bosch Kiox offers all the functions that a sporty rider could need. The small, scratch-resistant colour display is controlled by the separate control unit with clear tactile feedback and delivers data on speed, rider performance, heart rate, battery charge and much more.

The sporty on-board computer forms the link to the connected eBike world of Bosch. The riding data is recorded by Kiox and transmitted via Bluetooth to the eBike Connect app. Kiox combines the GPS data from the smartphone with the riding data, which can be called up in the app or on the online portal.

Automatic synchronisation
All information at your fingertips at all times: Data is automatically synchronised by Bluetooth between Kiox and the eBike Connect app.

Climb on, switch on, ride away and have fun. The on-board computer can be used immediately and provides you with all the essential information and data.

Kiox scores points for its stylish appearance: The screen features strong colours and a clearly laid out user interface. The practical magnetic mount likewise lends the handlebar a neat and tidy look.

The 1.9" transmissive colour display guarantees perfect readability even in strong sunlight. Because the backlight adapts to the lighting conditions, everything is perfectly readable - even in the dark.

Use BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) to connect the Kiox to a heart rate monitor such as a Polar H7. This allows you to monitor your heart rate and get the most out of your training.

Improve your level of fitness: For example, an indicator on the display shows you whether you are riding at above or below your average speed. This will motivate you to push yourself even harder.

Damage-resistant glas
Whether dealing with dirt or stone chippings, the scratchproof glass display is a great partner, both on the trail or in the city.

Magnetic holder
Quickly stowed and safely mounted to withstand jolts on rough terrain. The magnetic mount allows for easy removal and attachment of the on-board computer, as well as a firm hold.

Remote Compact
Keep everything under control: The buttons allow the on-board computer to be operated safely and comfortably using your thumb. The distinct, tactile pressure behind the buttons during operation gives you clear feedback.

eBike Connect app: Kiox meets the smartphone
The eBike Connect app enables Kiox to connect to the smartphone via Bluetooth Low Energy. There it is possible to change certain settings or to evaluate your own activities - for a very personal, connected and interactive eBike experience

eBike Connect online portal: All data at a glance
eBikers have all relevant information from the eBike Connect online portal in view on a tablet or PC. Kiox uses the smartphone's Internet connection to transfer data to the online portal.


  • Light: Conveniently turn on your connected bike light from the mechanical button on the Kiox.
  • Settings: Settings can changed quickly and easily from the status overview display. For safety reasons, you can only do so when the eBike is at a standstill.
  • Device recharging: External devices such as your smartphone can be recharged via the USB port.
  • Overview: A summary of your day's activities is provided to you in the off-board mode.
  • Service: A display lets you know when your next maintenance appointment is due – thereby ensuring the value and service life of your eBike's components. Your dealer can simply connect the DiagnosticTool via the USB port to download the latest software updates.
  • Walk assistance: This 2-level function helps you push your eBike at speeds of up to 6 km/h – whether you're carrying luggage aboard or not, or if you're overcoming obstacles.
  • Distance measurement / wheel size: You can finely adjust your wheel size setting yourself at the push of a button. This allows high-precision distance measurement even after changing a tyre.
  • DualBattery support: The charge level of both batteries is displayed in the status overview, providing valuable information on battery discharge behaviour while riding.
  • A talented linguist: Whether German, English, Dutch, French, Italian, Spanish, Danish, Swedish or Portuguese, simply set the language of your choice.

Riding Mode

  • Turbo : Direct, maximum powerful support up to the highest cadences for sporty riding styles.
  • Sport/eMTB : Powerful support for universal usage for both sporty riding and fast commutes in urban traffic.
  • Tour : Uniform support for long range rides.
  • Eco : Effective support with maximum efficiency for the longest range.
  • Off : No support, all on-board computer functions can be accessed.

The Kiox is compatible with all Bosch engines EXCEPT: Bosch 2011/2012 and the Classic + Line

Kiox and Lock
For routine relaxation with the eBike: The new 'Lock' premium function makes Kiox the key to greater safety. The function enables motor support to be deactivated by removing the on-board computer. The lock only unlocks again automatically when the same on-board computer is re-connected. A clever way to supplement a mechanical lock - now available for at a charge with Kiox.

Kiox and ABS
Bosch eBike ABS enables controlled braking in critical situations. The intelligent combination of front wheel ABS and rear wheel lift control ensures the optimised riding stability and control of the eBike. The Kiox display now shows the status of the ABS via a corresponding icon. The previous separate ABS light is replaced with the new digital display.

Kiox and eShift
Kiox also works with eShift, the integrated electronic gear shifting solution that we offer in cooperation with the gear manufacturers enviolo, Rohloff and Shimano. One solution for every riding style. Benefit from greater comfort, extra-smooth gear changes, reduced wear, improved safety and enhanced riding enjoyment.

Technical details

Part number1270020424
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