Hope Tech 3 X2 front disc brake Orange no rotor and adaptator 2020

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Hope have kept the key features of the Tech Evo master cylinder and worked to improve the ergonomics and integration on the handlebars. The Tech 3 master cylinder can operate all the calipers from Hope range and offers a slight increase of power of about 5% over the Tech Evo. Popular design features of Tech Evo remain the same, such as the reach and bite point control (BPC)adjustability. The piston is actuated by a cam and a roller system to eliminate any free play and initial friction. The classic split clamp design makes the master cylinder easy to install on the handlebars without having to remove anything else.

Hope have worked hard to make the new Tech 3 master cylinder easier to integrate on the bars although it does entail losing the ambidextrous design.
The Tech 3 master cylinder is now directly compatible with any Shimano I-Spec type shifter meaning no extra mount is required to attach the shifter to the master cylinder. For those using SRAM shifters we have designed a slick and minimalistic direct mount adaptor.

Master cylinder Features

  • CNC machined aluminium 2014 T6 lever
  • New Tech 3 design for better integration on the handlebars
  • Removable clamp
  • External reach and bite point adjustment dials
  • Direct compatibility with Shimano I-Spec shifter
  • Direct mount available for SRAM shifters
  • 5% power increase over TECH Evo master cylinder
  • New piston dust cover design
  • New reservoir diaphragm design


Caliper features

  • New one piece caliper from a solid billet of aluminium 2014 T6
  • Caliper with 2 pistons
  • Increased pad surface area for better heat management and pad life
  • Wide angle hose connector mount
  • Braided hose : 95 cm

Kit includes

  • 1 Tech 3 X2 front discbrake Orange ready to use
  • Bolts

Weight : 290 gr

Technical details

Part numberT3X2CBFL
Hydraulic hose95 cm

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